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A Guide To Choosing The Right Cannabis Strain For Your Needs

Publish on July 28, 2021 by allenharper

Medical Cannabis strains are complicated to choose. While visiting the medical dispensaries, you may find ample options of marijuana products that you can choose from. But why do there are so many strains, and how to figure out the best one for you? Indeed complicated. Like you find multiple salts and medicines containing different component ratios, medical marijuana also has the same scenario. Coming in various forms and strains, medical cannabis affects everyone differently.

Wondering why? It is due to the medical cannabis strains, the composition of the marijuana product, and the individual’s tolerance power. With the unleashing health benefits of medical marijuana, the researchers are diving more into finding the science behind the curative effects of the plant.

Choosing The Right Marijuana Strain

Choosing the right marijuana strain to relieve the health condition is essential. But this is the point where a medical doctor can help. You will find several people taking the same cannabis strain experiencing entirely different effects. Some might find a particular marijuana strain beneficial, where others might face adverse consequences. Therefore, which strain is good for you? What affects you will experience and how it will react to the health condition is essential to consider. When you visit the state-licensed medical dispensaries with your Medical Marijuana Cards, you will find a mix of indicas, sativas, and hybrid strains behind the counter. But which is good for you? Let us check out the benefits and uses of each.

Which Medical Cannabis Strain Is Right For You?

What is Sativa?

Sativa is an energetic marijuana strain. It is a go-to pick strain for individuals seeking daytime strain instead of nighttime. These types of marijuana strains are also well known as productive ones as instead of making you sleepy and dizzy; these will help with clarity, focus, and creativity.

What is the best time to take Sativa?

People consider this strain more as it is a well know daytime strain because of the fact that it helps people stay focused, creative, and feel energetic at the time, as per a study in 2018 from Science Direct checking the antidepressant-like effects produced by the cannabidiol concerning brain serotonin levels and surprisingly, the researchers have found that appropriate evidence to suggest that Sativa has the same impact on depression. Sativa is also considered to be an excellent sleep aid. While providing the relaxing effect, the outcome is more anxiety-relieving that doesn’t even zap energy. With a doctor’s recommendation, it is easy to figure out the exact quantity to treat the health condition right and benefit the patient in every way. Along with this the weed legalization benefits in several other terms. When a legal right is obtained, weed legalization also helps the patients by providing access to higher-quality marijuana products, tax exemptions, and many more. And with the legalization comes the necessity of confinements over marijuana quantity. Let us get to know about it.

Popular Sativa Strains

  • White Buffalo
  • Maui Waui
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Dutch Hawaiian
  • Durban Poison
  • Jack Herer
  • Sour Diesel

What is Indica Strain?

Indica is considered a relaxation strain that is popular for providing calming properties and promoting sleep. Indica strain is a CBD-rich strain. Due to its relaxing and calming properties, it is an effective remedy for pain support. Also, strong evidence is showing its effectiveness in nausea relief.
Cannabis Strains

What is the Best time to take Indica?

Due to the calming and relaxing quality of the Indica strain, it is commonly taken during the evening while going to sleep.

Popular Indica Strains

There are several strains in the Indica family having varied compositions. Here are the popular ones.
  • Afghan Kush
  • Northern Lights
  • Skywalker OG
  • Purple Sunset
  • LA Confidential
  • Banana Hammock

What is Hybrid Strains?

Hybrid strains contain similar levels of Indica and Sativa. These medical marijuana strains provide a balance between the benefits of both type’s strains.

Popular Hybrid Strains

  • GG4 strains
  • Wedding Cake strains
  • Blue Dream strains
  • Runtz strains
  • OG kush strains
  • Sherbert strains


If you have even a little thought about a medical marijuana strain before you buy, it will play a beneficial role in helping you buy a better strain for yourself. So before going to the dispensary you need to know about your problems like anxiety, suicidal thoughts, sleep problems, depression and other problems so that your goals can be clear. Just as you can check your level by predicting whether you are an entry-level patient or an advanced level, it totally depends on how long your problem is and how many years you have been suffering?


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