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How Much Weed Quantity Should you Consume? A Visual Guide on Weed Measurements and Prices

Publish On June 13, 2023 by allenharper
Cannabis has its own new growing market where different consumers have different demands of either consuming a gram or an ounce of weed. Naturally, to this different quantity, the weed prices are also different. While the universal understanding of weed measurements is completely different, it becomes difficult for a beginner to buy the correct measurement weed from the dispensary. Consumers start buying by the gram, but it is not the same for every person. Buying weed without knowing the correct way of measurement can make a big hole in your pocket. You are aware of the gram measurement, but many scratches their head when it comes to a quarter and an ounce of weed. This will be your ultimate guide to weed measurements and prices, saving you money and making you aware of how much you need.
How much weed quantity should you consume

Why Should you Know the Weed Measurement?

Measuring weed is important to know to avoid overbuying. Weed is usually stale and loses its effectiveness over time. So avoid over-buying it as it will only affect the cost and, in the end, goes to waste due to staling. You do not want to buy more weed than your body or health requirements. Additionally, possessing weed more than the state limit can put you in legal trouble. Considering knowing the right quantity so you enjoy the healthy benefits of weed hassle-free.

Common Cannabis Measurements

Read the chat below that tells you the weed measurement and what it means in grams. Prices for each measurement are also given below for your best understanding.
Common Cannabis Measurements

A Gram of Marijuana

A gram in a weed’s legal state is the smallest quantity. This is usually sold as a loose shake or flower bud in the dispensary. Depending on the flowers used in each joint, a gram of marijuana makes one or two joints. The approximate cost of the gram is $10 – $15, but you need to check the dispensary menu before making the purchase.

An Eighth of Marijuana

If you want to go over an ounce but don’t want to over-purchase. This amount rolls up to seven joints. The seven joint is not the maximum, as the number of joints depends on the quantity of flower you use in each. Roll. The price of an eighth usually reaches up to $25 – $35, but it also depends upon the quality of the flower in it.

A Quarter of Marijuana

A quarter is a heavy amount of marijuana which is generally suitable for people who already have had fair experience with the marijuana joint. It is a bit over the limit for a beginner, as it is generally strong. A quarter is up to 7 grams and can roll up to 14 joints. It is the most preferred and suitable choice for heavy marijuana consumers.

An Ounce of Marijuana

The last and the most strong one is an ounce. It can roll up to 56 joints and sums to 28 grams of marijuana. It is the last amount of allowed quantity for marijuana by most states. The price of an ounce typically ranges from $200 – $300.

What is the Right Amount of Marijuana for Beginners?

Let us understand how much marijuana you should consume in your initial days. Take weed and alcohol as an example here. You know that alcohol does not affect same for everyone. It comes in various forms, quantities, flavors, and aromas. Will you have any quantity of alcohol? No right? Because you are well aware of how much quantity of alcohol you can handle and you will try not to cross that limit. So, what’s the case with weed? As we saw above, the quantity and type of alcohol matter to everyone. Similarly to that, weed strength and quantity affect differently to every person. As a beginner, it is smart to start with low quantity, giving the effects for 30 minutes or more. One or two puffs of weed are advisable to start with, as it gives a moderate level of effect.

How To Convert Ounces to Grams?

Ounces and grams are both the units in which the weight is measured. One ounce is equal to 28.35 grams. To get the correct quantity in grams, multiply the number of ounces by 28.35 grams.

Let’s Understand This by example.

If you need to buy 5 ounces of marijuana from a dispensary (considering the dispensary sells in grams), then simply multiply the quantity by 28.35. 5 * 28.35 = 141.75 grams of marijuana. Below is the chart for reference to get the ounces converted to grams
                    Ounces                              Grams
                      1 oz                         28.35 g
                      2 oz                        56.7 g
                     3 oz                        85.05g
                     4 oz                        113.4g
                     5 oz                       141.75 g
                    6 oz                        170.1 g
                    7 oz                        198.45 g 
                    8 oz                        226.8 g
                     9 oz                        255.15 g 
                    10 oz                         283.5 g 

Final Take

The correct quantity of weed may not be very fancy to you, but knowing the right measurement for your body requirement will be very beneficial. Having a clear idea of your measurements is necessary as it will save a lot of money and make you aware of how much weed you need to buy.
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  1. peter Bean

    This guide is indeed a valuable resource for understanding the various measurements and prices of weed. However, I’m curious about the effects of different quantities on the overall experience. Could you provide some insights into how consuming smaller or larger amounts might impact the intensity and duration of the effects?

    • Allen Harper

      Thanks for the compliment Peter,

      See, a smaller amount enters your bloodstream gradually, and due to its lower intensity, it produces milder effects. This enables you to maintain focus, perform tasks, and engage in social interactions without feeling excessively impaired. The effects of a smaller dose typically persist for a few hours.

      Conversely, larger amounts have a more pronounced impact on the bloodstream, leading to automatically intensified psychoactive effects. You may experience more potent euphoria, altered perception, and profound relaxation. It can impair your ability to concentrate or complete tasks. The results of a larger dose may last longer, up to a day.

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