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Health Qualifying Conditions

These conditions, if found in patients, then patients can opt for Medical marijuana. See if your condition is on this list.

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Texas?

1. Get an Appointment

Fill out a simple application form on Greenpot MD to book your call with our licensed healthcare professional. You can choose a suitable time as per your suitability and easily consult on a video call.

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2. Consult the Medical Doctor

The doctor will consult you by examining your medical condition and your history to see if you can get treated by medical cannabis. You need to freely share about your conditions to the doctor to get the best treatment in no time.

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3. Get your Texas Medical Marijuana Card

Once the doctor confirms you to be treated by medical marijuana, they will register you with the Compassion Use Registry of Texas where the state will then process your application. You will receive your card in a few days after which you can make your purchase from the dispensary.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card in Texas

More Consumption

The MMJ card in Texas allow you to consume as per the doctors recommendation. The doctors can recommend high possession if your conditions demand so.

Possession Rights

This allows the cardholder to enter the licensed Texas dispensary to possess the marijuana

Less Tax

Payless or no taxes on marijuana, as the medical cannabis card allows you to do so

No Age Restriction

Medicinal Marijuana patients do not need to be of a certain age. They just have to show that they fall under medical cannabis. A cardholder can be a parent in the case of a minor.

Avoid Longer Wait

Getting medical marijuana is usually quicker if you are a registered patient. Without a card, it can take months and years for the sales to go live, but not when you are a medical cannabis card holder.

Why GreenPot MD Practitioner?

We are constantly striving to bring world-class treatment with a personal touch. Our expert team of doctors and staff are dedicated to getting our patients efficient treatment. We also have the best technology at Greenpot MD, which enables our patients to trust their treatment process and expect complete support from us. The below points will help you understand why you must choose our practitioner for your marijuana treatment.


Our professional doctors are registered professionals with state marijuana programs which makes them qualified to give you the MMJ treatment
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Humanizing Care

Treating every patient with care and personalizing the treatment to ensure we serve the best solution to our patients.

Team of Experts

Greenpot MD has one of the best teams of experts to help you get the best consultation as per your condition.

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About Medical Marijuana in Texas

Marijuana was legalized for medical purposes in 2015. In Texas, there are more than 2,00,000 active users of medical cannabis cards at the moment.

Texas laws also allow the protection of other state patients to possess marijuana within the limits of the state. This highly benefits other state patients to have the freedom to access their marijuana treatment in Texas. Before opting for medical marijuana, you need to be qualified with the conditions that get you this treatment.

Medical Conditions of Texas for Medical Marijuana

Who can Apply for a Medical Marijuana card in Texas?

To apply for medical cannabis card if you qualify for these conditions:

  1. You are a resident of Texas. This can be proved by the driving license of Texas or the ID card of the state
  2. You must qualify for the conditions that allow medical marijuana.
  3. You must be 18 years or older.
If any patient is a minor, their caregiver or parents can apply for the medical marijuana card, and they will only get a card in their name.
Documents Required

Before filing the online form, here are the documents you need to complete a successful application.

  1. Social security number, name, date of birth
  2. Mailing address, email address
  3. Proof of residency. Driving licence, Texas ID card, motor vehicle registration, and utility bill Texas. Any one of these residency proofs is acceptable.
  4. Physician Certification form. This has to be taken from a licensed physician in Texas. This should not be older than 30 days until the patient applies for the MMJ card. The form should either be scanned or photographed to submit electronically.
  5. A clear photo of the patient should not be more than 3 months old
  6. A copy of the government issued ID card
  7. A consent form for a non-emancipated qualifying patient is needed if the patient is minor.
  8. A statement showing if the patient is involved in seeking authority to cultivate medical cannabis.
  9. Attestation statement (This statement confirms the identity of the patient)
  10. A statement indicates if the patient is currently receiving any benefit from the Texas program for low-income individuals or any other program. (Optional document)

The good part is, you do not have to pay any registration fee to get your mmj card in Texas.

Laws of Marijuana in Texas

Texas does not allow citizens to possess marijuana for for recreational purposes. It is still considered illegal.

Possession of upto 2 ounces is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine upto $2000 fine and imprisonment of upto 180 days. Medical marijuana is allowed in Texas. The patients can consume medical cannabis oil with less than 1% THC by weight. Along with this, there is a set limit for THC content in a cannabis product. It was 0.5% which was then increased to a more potent 5%.

Cultivation Laws

Texas does not allow the cultivation of cannabis plants by any individual or organization. The act of cultivation is strictly prohibited. Caregivers have different registration and process for possessing marijuana, so let’s look at some rules that caregivers need to follow.

Texas Caregivers Rules for Medical marijuana

Texas allows patients to have a caregiver if they need assistance or if the patient is a minor. The caregiver must be 21 years old or above, and someone qualified to look after the patient. There is no set procedure for a caregiver to register and be a caregiver. At the moment, only nurses and social workers are allowed to purchase marijuana for patients. In this case, they are needed to provide their caregiver’s ID, Social security number, Patient’s name, and prescription.
Data Last Updated 01/13/2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look at some questions that you might have about Texas Medical Marijuana.

Can patients consume marijuana in public?

No, Patients or the general public cannot consume marijuana on public property or on public-private property. This property refers to the property where the general public is present.

Can I buy marijuana online?

It is necessary to buy marijuana from a licensed dispensary in Texas. If you try to buy online, it can be considered illegal.

When will I receive my Medical Marijuana card after application?

If you complete your application with Greenpot MD, you will receive the card in 24-48 hours.

Can I use my Texas Medical card in other states?

You can use your card in other states where reciprocity is practiced. Some states provide online applications for temporary state cards when you visit, so you can do that too.

Can I grow marijuana with my patient ID?

You cannot grow marijuana with your Patient card. It is only allowed to possess marijuana for medical patients with MMJ card.

What Does Greenpot MD Offer?

You may choose Greenpot MD for many reasons but here are some of the major reasons why you should go for GreenPot MD.
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We know you have a busy schedule, and that is why our experts are available for online appointments at your convenience.
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Greenpot MD makes sure patients’ data is stored in the best privacy and we do not charge extra for privacy. It is our duty to provide you with complete safety at every cost.
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Where to Purchase Medical Marijuana in Texas?
South Austin Dispensary
12701 Lowden Lane, Building 501, Manchaca, TX 78652
2110 S Lamar Blvd Suite E, Austin, TX 78704
The Weed Spot
502 N Madison Ave, Dallas, TX 75208
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