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Process To Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy Online In California

Follow the simple process of booking an appointment with a licensed Testosterone physician and get started with your TRT treatment. You can start by booking an appointment on Greenpot. MD

Step 1

Fill out the form for TRT

Fill out an application form for TRT by entering your basic details. Our experts will receive your application, who will evaluate your form, and get in touch for TRT.

Step 2

Lab Test

Once the experts examine your application, they will schedule your appointment for the lap test. The lab will use the best technology to examine your health.
Step 3

Talk to the Doctor

Get in touch with our licensed doctor to discuss your health and lab test results. You can get a personalized plan for TRT.

Get Medicines Delivered

Your doctor’s suggested medicines will be delivered to your address, and you can begin your therapy immediately.

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What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Men tend to face the effects of low testosterone. This results in decreased energy levels, sexual dysfunction, reduced bone mass, and much more. It is more common to inject hormones to reduce the symptoms. However, there are more ways to conduct this therapy.

Let’s see some ways of testosterone replacement therapy:

  1. Gel therapy
    In this therapy, a gel containing testosterone is applied to a specific part of the body. This process is painless but is also considered less effective.
  2. Supplements
    Consuming testosterone supplements are the most common and easiest way to this therapy. The testosterone medication prescribed by the doctor is painless but is often considered harmful to the liver.
  3. Skin Patch
    The Skin patch with testosterone medication is applied to the upper part of the body. It is beneficial to control the symptoms but not cure them. It is advised that one should not stop using it unless doctors suggest it.
  4. Mouth Patch
    The Mouth patch therapy is used by placing the patch on the upper gums to be helpful. It comes in the form of a tablet. This can create discomfort in your mouth and may not be suitable for some people.
  5. Injection
    Injecting testosterone into the muscle is the most common way of testosterone therapy. It can be painful, but it is done once a week. It is highly effective as it is directly injected, but you cannot do it yourself as sharp needles are involved, and experts are needed to assist in this therapy.

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

  1. Muscle Mass and Strength – Increased testosterone helps in building strength in the bones and building better muscle mass.
  2. Improved Focus – Low testosterone often affects focus and negatively impacts cognitive skills. Therapy will improve the focus in men.
  3. Enhanced Performance – Post-therapy effects show high energy and improved performance in the initial months.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone


Hair loss

Hair loss in the private part can be a concern. This is a common symptom and can usually be treated with testosterone therapy.


Low testosterone can make the body feel like it is not working to its full potential. This can irritate constant mood swings due to hormonal imbalance. Sleep imbalance can push these mental barriers even more.


Low T levels can make a person feel more tired than usual. The tiredness is not normal and can be felt even after a good night’s sleep. Some may also find it difficult to remember things. You may also have decreased muscle mass and a lack of energy.

Why Should You Choose Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Improved Arousal

Men with high libido experience a better level of sexual arousal, and performance are also improved. TRT helps in recovering the libido and improves sexual health

Better and Strong Bones

A bone scan can check calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium levels. An increase in age and a decrease in testosterone levels reduce bone mineral density.

Improved Memory

There is substantial proof that testosterone has a connection with thinking ability. Storing and remembering any memory is also found to be faster in most men who have a high level of testosterone. Men with high testosterone levels have been reported to be sharper in mind compared to other men with low levels.

Strength is Improved

Decreasing testosterone levels can decrease your overall body strength, affecting your daily routine and sexual health. Testosterone therapy improves and brings back your strength which helps you live a quality life.

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Is “Testosterone Therapy” similar to Steroids?

No! The purpose of Testosterone and steroids is different. Steroid injecting is done mainly to build body and muscle, whereas testosterone is used to reduce the symptoms of low testosterone. TRT is done to improve the overall health of men.

TRT and steroids are done the same way, but steroids have harmful effects on the liver. TRT is done under the guidance of testosterone doctors with experience and a license.

Low testosterone therapy is performed by doctors who have done it multiple times. They only suggest testosterone to men after doing a complete health examination. When you are at Greenpot MD, you will receive complete step-by-step therapy.

What Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Do?

You may face health difficulties when you have low testosterone. This is a sign that you need Testosterone Replacement Therapy. TRT will bring back your health and leave you with high energy and a balanced range of testosterone that will reduce the symptoms you were facing earlier.

As soon as you start with your Testosterone therapy, you will see improvement in your physical and mental health.

Is TRT Addictive?

FDA has declared TRT as a controlled substance. It is done under the supervision of physicians. The therapy has an end time, and the doctors advise the patients to slow down the medication after a particular time.

It is done to provide better health and improved focus in men.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do doctors suggest Testosterone?

Any patient needs to get a prescription for TRT. Only a licensed doctor can prescribe TRT after a complete health check-up of the person.

How can I get TRT in California?

You can get TRT in California from the comfort of your house. Fill out the appointment form on Greenpot MD and book a consultation with doctors to start your treatment.

Will TRT work for me?

If you have low testosterone and suffer from symptoms like hair loss, low energy, fatigue, and less sexual drive, TRT can significantly change your health. It can manage the testosterone level in your body, reduce the symptoms and help you get back to your health.

Are there any side effects of TRT?

The most common side effects are acne and skin irritation. If you face any other side effects, form this and immediately inform your doctor.

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