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Greenpot MD has the most advanced technology that helps clients find licensed medical marijuana doctors who will take them through the medical marijuana card process. The health professional is certified for medical marijuana treatment, and each patient is evaluated before prescribing medical marijuana. There is no guarantee that the medical marijuana recommendation will be given to every patient, as it depends on the doctor’s evaluation, including many factors. All the information we provide on the Website does not intend to replace any psychological, professional medical, psychiatrist advice, diagnosis, or health professional advice. The information given on the website does not endorse any service, doctors, treatment, or procedures. We don’t take any responsibility for the damage or harm caused to anyone who depends on the information or advice provided on the website. We do not guarantee that any legislative, company, or individual will share a similar opinion with any website reader’s position. We do not assure you that you will get a marijuana card directly if you obtain any service or product mentioned on the website. Claiming any pet as an assistant pet is unethical and against the law. We advise reviewing all the Terms of Service before you get any information or service on this website. If you are using any service or product or any part of this website, you agree to the Terms of Services of this website.


The information is for informational purposes and consists of generic information. The website has all the information and resources about the topics mentioned. The individuals are advised to make their final decisions based on the information provided on the website, as it is a general understanding. You need to consult the doctors before deciding on your health. We provide historical information to our readers. We have full rights to alter the information on this website. The information on this website should not be used to start medical treatment or diagnosis of health conditions. A proper consultation with a health professional is advisable. You are responsible for every certification or license you to get from the Website. We do not promote or approve any Licensed Mental Health Professionals that are mentioned on the Website. The LMHP will provide their license and certification, which you may or may not personally authenticate from the state’s license verification website.

General Conditions

This Website holds the right to decline the service to anyone without any reason. Using the GreenPot MD Website or any of its products or service unlawfully against the policies, guidelines, rules, or terms of service is also not allowed. The following is the list of things that goes against the rules and procedures of the website: You will not use the credit card illegally. Post or spread any information that is offensive, unlawful, misleading, defamatory, threatening, or obnoxious to any person. Mining and hacking passwords of any customers visiting this website. We are using our services in a manner that harms the service of the network or makes the website inoperative. Using any way that interrupts the operation of the business in any manner Posting any kind of advertisement, promotion, spam, or scrap email otherwise Collecting and distributing data like names, email addresses, or addresses of others Trying to get the website’s source code or helping some other person or entity by modifying, reverse engineering, or disassembling. GreenPot MD holds the complete right to revoke the right to use the products or services of anyone doing any of the above-mentioned and violating the Terms of Service.

Modification of Price and Services

We can change the service or prices mentioned on the website without informing prior to anyone. We can also discontinue any given service and will not be liable to inform anyone. We are not legally responsible for any change, alteration, or discontinuation by any third party. Our services can be based on location or law based.

Optional Tools

As a website, we may give you access to third-party tools we don’t have control over. We do not have any input on these tools. We expect you to understand that we give you access to all the tools without any condition or warranty applied. If you are using the tool provided by the third party and any issue arising from it is not our responsibility. It’s you decide to use the third-party tool that we suggest.

Third-Party Links

Note that while displaying information, we may provide a third-party link that will direct you to their websites. Any kind of complaint, or damage to goods and services, done by the third party is not liable to us. We are not responsible for any information provided on the third-party website. Any complaint about the content or service of the third-party website should be directed toward them and their service team.

Modifications to Terms of Service

We keep updating our Terms of Use to serve our clients with accurate information. You can view our updated Terms of Use on our website and access the latest information on the website. By providing the updated Terms of Use, we are helping our clients understand our services better and use them safely.