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Steps To Register with OMMA for an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card in 2023

Publish on October 29, 2022 by kenmaus
Medical Marijuana Card State Registration Oklahoma

Marijuana in Oklahoma

The state legislature passed a law to enable the medical use of marijuana for qualifying patients. These patients must register with the state’s program and acclaim their prescribed medical marijuana. Even with clear guidelines and the state’s constant support through policies, many reports charged people for the misuse of medical marijuana. In 2018 voters authorized Oklahoma State Question 788, or the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, through which the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA) administers the licensing, registry, approval, and distribution of medical marijuana. OMMA is also responsible for issuing medical marijuana cards to the state’s patients, for which you have to qualify and register with the state.

Qualifying Medical Conditions

Oklahoma does not specify a list of medical conditions for the state to deem a patient qualified. A licensed medical practitioner must provide a written recommendation letter that contains all the details regarding the patient’s medical diagnosis and the appropriate amount of marijuana for the patient.


As recreational cannabis is illegal in the state, only Oklahoma medical marijuana card will give you access to marijuana within the state boundaries. Small amounts of cannabis will carry penalties for individuals who can prove a medical condition, but SQ 788’s rights are only available to register medical cannabis users. So, if you need to use cannabis for medical purposes but want to avoid getting into legal trouble, it all starts with making an appointment with your doctor to establish that you are a patient.


A medical marijuana out-of-state or temporary patient license allows someone with a valid medical marijuana license from another state (issued by that state government) to legally buy, use and grow medical marijuana and medical marijuana products in Oklahoma. However, out-of-state licenses are valid for 30 days. They can re-apply for the temporary card one week before the expiration date.

OMMA Website

To register with the state of Oklahoma for the legal consumption of Medical Marijuana, the patient must create an account on the official OMMA website. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to do it on your own!

Create an account to register

1.Access the Oklahoma Official Website. 2.Click on Apply New or Renewal Card.
Apply New or Renewal
3. Next, you need to find and click on the Continue to Licensing Portal link.
4. You will see a welcome page. Here you need to click the Access Portal button on the left-hand side.
Access Portal
5. A form will appear on the screen for you to sign in. Since you are creating a
Sign Up Now - Form
new account, you must access the Sign Up Now link at the bottom corner.
6. Now the signup form for new users will appear. Fill out your email address and click the Send Verification Code button.
7.Your email will contain the verification code sent by the OMMA registry. Remember and enter the code on the site. Click Verify Code.
Verify Code
8. Fill in the other required fields to highlight the Create button. Once done, click Create.

Apply for your Medical Cannabis Card

In the previous steps, you have successfully created an account. Now, you can start the process of applying for the OMMA card. After you have clicked create, another page will automatically load. 1. To start the application process, access the Patient Portal button.
Patient Portal
2. In the Select Profile Page, you have to click Create A New Profile as this is our first time.
Create A New Profile
3. Enter your full legal name as mentioned in your government-issued documents. Click Save & Continue.
Save & Continue
4. Your browser will display the Select Profile page again. This time, a profile with the name you entered in the previous step will appear. Access Select to continue.
5. The display will change to Dashboard mode. Now, you can access the Apply for a New License button at the bottom of the page.
Apply for a New License
6. The next page will allow you to choose an application type from the list. The list has options based on whether you are an adult and depending on the validity of the medical marijuana card. 7. Read carefully and click Select This Application. The complete instruction on what, how, and other information is given on the next page. Give it a thorough read before you move forward.

Necessary Documents

The upcoming steps are the most important ones. Uploading the appropriate documents while meeting requirements is essential for the acceptance of your application. 1. Physician Recommendation Letter a. Signed within 30 days of application. b. If in need of a caregiver, the physician must mention it in the letter with a sign. 2. Digital Photograph of the Patient a. Must be taken against a white or off-white plain background. b. No accessories such as glasses or hats. c. Make sure your shoulder top and the top of your head are visible in the photograph.
3. Identity Proof (Any one of these in color) a. Valid Oklahoma driver’s license. b. Passport or any other stat ID. c. Tribal ID accepted by the Department of Public Safety. 4. Residency Proof (Any one of these in color) a. Valid Oklahoma driver’s license. b. Utility bills except for phone bills, TV bills, and Internet bills. Bill must be for the month before the application. c. A current rental agreement for OK residential property or residential property deed to the OK property.
Proof of Identity
5. Medicaid/Veteran/Medicare Proof (If Applicable) a. Medicare card, Medicaid enrollment letter, or Veteran Status letter from the VA with 100% disability status noted.
Medicaid enrollment letter

Physician Details

When you have completed uploading documents and furnishing personal details, you are required to fill in the physician details. This is crucial for the state to approve your card. ● Recommendation type. ● Medical Condition. ● The Necessity for a caregiver. ● Name and address of the physician. ● License number, NPI number, and contact number of the physician.
Physician Details

Agreement and Signature

1. Click Save & Continue after uploading the recommendation letter. 2. Check the boxes on the attestation page to agree to the terms and conditions before signing in the desired field.
3. Next, you can review your whole application from top to bottom by clicking View All Pages. 4. You can export it as a PDF because your application won’t be viewable once you proceed. 5. Click Save & Continue.
Save and Continue

Registration Fees

● $100 non-refundable application fee. ● $20 non-refundable application fee for applicants with proof of Medicaid, Medicare, or 100% Disabled Veteran Status. ● Requires Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit or debit card. Click Submit Payment and wait for the site to process your payment.
Submit Payment

Status Check

Finally, you can navigate to Dashboard to keep track of the status of your application. Additionally, you will receive a submission notification and payment confirmation through your email.

The Final Note!

The process becomes pretty simple when you’re prepared. We are sure that this step-by-step guide helps you in every way possible. If you are still doubtful about getting a recommendation letter, here’s a helpful guide on how to get started with a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma!


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