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Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Card Process: Everything You Need to Know.

Publish on April 22, 2023 by allenharper
Ohio's Medical Marijuana Card Process: Everything You Need to Know.

Did you know, In Ohio, medical marijuana is the only legal way to obtain marijuana? Medical marijuana is legal, while recreational marijuana in Ohio is illegal. In such a situation, getting a medical marijuana card in Ohio can be a wise choice as it offers numerous benefits.

This blog gives you a clear idea of how and where to get your medical marijuana card. We will cover everything in detail, leaving no stone unturned.

Let’s get to the point. Here is the simple process by which you can get your Ohio medical marijuana card.

1. Schedule an online appointment with state-licensed doctors

You can start by completing an online evaluation form at GreenPot MD’s website. It’s a simple form that asks you for your basic information. Followed by that, you can book a call at your convenience.

2. Talk to the Doctors

On the day of your online consultation, talk to doctors about your health condition, medical history, or symptoms. This will help the doctors better understand your condition and suggest medical marijuana.

3. Get your medical marijuana card

If the doctor approves your condition, they will register you with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) and submit your medical recommendation. On approval, the state will mail you the card in your email.

Who is Eligible to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio?

To obtain a medical marijuana card in Ohio, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be the age of 18
  • Be an Ohio resident with proof of residency.
  • Have at least one of the qualifying medical conditions.
  • Obtain a recommendation from a certified physician.

Qualifying Health Conditions for Medical Marijuana card in Ohio

The decision to allow medicinal marijuana use by their patients is entirely up to the doctor. So, the following is a list of some of the ailments that marijuana frequently treats.

Gather These Documents To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio.

  • Driver’s license or state-issued I.D. for photo identification
  • Address proof can be provided through bank statements, utility bills, or correspondence with the Department of State.
  • Medical recommendation from a doctor.

The Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio.

In Ohio, a medical marijuana card offers many benefits to cardholders. Some of these are: 1. Legal Protection A medical marijuana card will help you protect yourself from legal issues. Since it is the only legal way to buy marijuana, the MMJ card will protect you from legal charges. 2. Variety of marijuana With the help of your medical marijuana card, you can access a variety of medical marijuana, like oils, edibles, tinctures, patches, and plant material. 3. Save Money Medical marijuana is subject to sales tax in Ohio, but patients with valid medical marijuana cards are exempt from paying this tax.

Marijuana Possession Limits in Ohio

Medical marijuana patients in Ohio can possess up to 90 days of marijuana supply. As recreational marijuana is illegal, possessing less than 100g of cannabis is a misdemeanor. Selling cannabis is considered a felony.

Cultivation Limits of Marijuana in Ohio

Home cultivation of medical marijuana is not allowed, and those caught growing marijuana may face criminal charges.

Where to Consume Marijuana in Ohio.

In Ohio, you cannot consume marijuana in public. Marijuana is a Schedule I drug and cannot be consumed in public places near schools, university areas, parks, or any federal building. It is advisable to consume marijuana in private only. The owner’s consent is necessary if you are using a rented property.

Where and How Can You Purchase Marijuana in Ohio?

Medical marijuana in Ohio is only accessible by purchasing it from a state-licensed dispensary. You can show your medical marijuana card and get marijuana from the dispensary directly.

What Types of Marijuana Products are Available in Ohio?

Marijuana is available in the following forms in Ohio.
  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Plant material
Marijuana flower is still illegal, but you can access marijuana in the above-mentioned forms.
Types of marijuana products are available in Ohio

Caregiver Requirements in Ohio.

In Ohio, a caregiver can assist a registered medical marijuana patient with their treatment. To become a caregiver, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be at least 21.
  • Be designated as a caregiver by a registered medical marijuana patient.
  • Complete and pass a criminal background check.
  • Not be a registered medical marijuana patient.
  • Only assist up to two patients at the same time.

Cost of Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana recommendation from GreenPotMD will cost you $149. Additionally, the state requires a $50 registration fee, and you can add a caregiver for an additional $25 fee.


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