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Allen Harper

Written By Allen Harper

August 5, 2022

New Louisiana Marijuana Laws wef Aug. 1

2022 legislative session approves many bills that will take effect on Aug 1. Among them, the most focused Act is Act 473 and 478.

These bills are mainly related to the rules and regulation of marijuana in the state and employment protections for state workers who are legal patients of medical marijuana.

Act 473

Now, police will not conduct searches in individual houses without a warrant. Now they need a warrant to search based on the odor of marijuana. Several other states that have either legalized the use of marijuana by adults have enacted similar prohibitions on police conduct.

Act 478

It shall be unlawful for the operator or any passenger in a motor vehicle to smoke or vape any form of marijuana in any car, which will be illegal. Those are just two of several laws passed in this year’s Louisiana legislative session related to marijuana in the state and also include employment protections for state workers who use medical marijuana.

“legislative session approves many bills that will take effect on Aug 1. Among them, the most focused Act is Act 473 and 478.”

Act 651

Protects state employees who legally use medical marijuana. The law does not prohibit employers from acting against employees who use or are impaired while on the job. And those whose primary responsibility is operating or maintaining state vehicles, such as emergency medical services, law enforcement, public safety, firefighters, or those who work for the horse racing commission.

Act 491 and Act 492

Before this act, the department of agriculture and forestry regulated the cultivation of medical marijuana. Still, from now onwards, the Louisiana Department of Health will have the authority to collect fees from contractors involved in therapeutic marijuana production.

Act 137

It does not relate to marijuana directly but changes the scope of “drug paraphernalia.” Every state defines drug paraphernalia differently, but if we talk about it in general terms, drug paraphernalia is any device that helps to consume illegal substances like needles or water pipes. From a consumption point of view, items can also be considered drug paraphernalia if used to manufacture or sell drugs. If you have discovered drug paraphernalia on or near you, you can be charged with possession. Act 137 regulates drug paraphernalia and controls the laws associated with it.

Bottom Line!

This year’s legislative session of Louisiana is partially dedicated to marijuana use and regulations. Some laws became more strict because of the increase in the graph of crime associated with marijuana. In contrast, other laws offered Louisiana people the opportunity to use medical marijuana for comfort. The above acts define that the government wants more decentralization of medical marijuana. The session increased the rights of medical cannabis, which decriminalized possession of marijuana up to 14 grams, imposing fines as opposed to jail time. The other states, such as New Orleans and Shreveport, have also passed ordinances supporting state law. Moreover, these new laws are in addition to Act 247, passed in 2021.

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