Medical Cannabis is Decriminalized in Mississippi. (Immediate Effect From July 1st, 2022)

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Allen Harper

Written By Allen Harper

July 5, 2022

Medical Cannabis is decriminalized in Mississippi

Mississippi has opened its doors for MEDICAL CANNABIS LEGALIZATION, taking this law into immediate effect from 1st July 2022.

Another piece of fantastic news has finally reached the Mississippi legislation. Medical Cannabis decriminalization law in Mississippi is finally into effect from 1st July 2022, with the plans for state-licensed dispensaries and many other facilities to open this year. Since the medical marijuana program is not operational yet, the Director of the Medical Cannabis Program in Mississippi, Kris Jones, said that licensed dispensaries and other facilities would be worked out later this year. Jones shared to Eagle that.
“We expect that it will probably be the calendar year-end before a legal, medical marijuana product is available through licensed dispensaries because the businesses have to get established, and the program has to hire to get the crops in the ground.”

What does this Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program include?

Mississippi’s Medical Marijuana Program laws cover individuals with debilitating conditions that lead to chronic pains, severe nausea, persistent muscle spasms, and cachexia. Mississippi’s Health Department started accepting the operator applications on 1st June, and the agency will start reviewing these applications from next week. The individuals who wish to work in this medical cannabis industry must be
  • 21 years or older
  • Have a complete background check
  • And fingerprints
To apply.

What does this Medical Marijuana Program permit?

Under this Medical Marijuana Program, qualified patients are permitted to buy up to 3.5 grams of medical cannabis per day. And around 3 ounces per month, limiting the higher purchase limits. Medical cannabis products will be taxed at both sales and production and require all cannabis products to be grown indoors. Earlier, Mississippi voters passed the medical marijuana decriminalization initiative during November 2020 elections, but the Supreme Court invalidated this initiative in May!

Final Takeaway!

This Medical Cannabis legalization in Mississippi has created new hopes within the individuals creating more business opportunities and promoting a better quality of life. So this was the essential piece of information for our readers! Greenpot MD will keep you updated on further essential information about this program.
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