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How to Get you Ketamine Prescription in New York?

GreenPot MD is here to help you overcome depression with easy Ketamine therapy. It is as easy as writing numbers. How do you start ketamine therapy?

Step 1

Schedule Call With Doctors

Start by filling a small evaluation form online. This form includes personal details of candidate, medical history and symptoms. Follow with booking a video call with licensed healthcare experts at GreenPot MD who will evaluate you. You can choose the time as per your preference for the appointment.
Step 2

Talk to Doctors

On the appointment day, you can freely discuss your problem with the doctors. The doctors will evaluate your health conditions in this appointment to see if you are fit for the Ketamine therapy.

Step 3

Get your prescription for Ketamine Therapy

If you get approval from the doctor, then the doctor will send you the recommendation via mail. You will receive this on mail within 24 hours, which you can take to the clinic and get your Ketamine medication.

Ketamine therapy has the power to cure your condition, and know more about it

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an off-label drug for depression and many doctors have suggested Ketamine therapy for its many benefits.

Ketamine is not directly used but “esketamine” a form of ketamine which comes in a nasal spray form is often prescribed for depression.

Different forms of Ketamine are present and doctors prescribe these based on the condition of the patient.

  • For snorting or intranasal – 60-250 mg
  • Subcutaneous injection – 75 – 125 mg
  • Intravenous Injection – 50 – 100 mg
  • Orally – 200 – 300 mg

Amongst this, injectable Ketamine is majorly used. However, snorting and swallowing is also done by patients. Ketamine is also used for leisure purposes along with cannabis, but for medical purposes, it is recommended to use it as per the prescription given by the doctor.

How Ketamine works?

Ketamine is an on-label drug for anaesthetic effect. It is majorly used by doctors during surgeries and is considered to be safe for that cause.
This gives you a clear idea how Ketamine works. But let’s dive deep into how ketamine works as a medicine.

When an individual feels pain, it’s the receptors that get the signal and reaches the brain that stimulates the suffering. When ketamine enters the individual’s body, it stops the receptor of pain from entering the brain, and you don’t feel the pain anymore

Ketamine helps to regrow the connection in the brain. It is the reaction of ketamine that helps the brain to be stable, and that’s the benefit of Ketamine.

Benefits of Using Ketamine Treatment



FDA approved Ketamine for depression, although Ketamine is an off-label drug. You can have esketamine, the form of Ketamine, as a nasal spray to treat depression.
Anesthesia<br />


There are over millions of people suffering from OCD and Ketamine can help you control it. It can control the effects caused by the condition



Ketamine is a great way to relieve severe and chronic pain. Doctors prescribe ketamine to get relief from pain that is unbearable to some patients.



Anxiety can be difficult, but the use of Ketamine can reduce the effect of anxiety and the pattern that forms from anxiety.


Ketamine helps to reduce the trauma caused by PTSD. PTSD can affect smooth functioning, and therefore Ketamine can be a great way to re-bring functioning and reduce the effects of trauma.
Other Treatments

Status Epilepticus

Ketamine turns out to be highly effective when a person experiences more than one seizure in 5 minutes. It helps in other drugs do not seem to help.

Medication Illustration
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Developing “Synaptic Connections” in Brain

The use of Ketamine for depression is used widely. Ketamine helps in growing the connection between neurons that are lost due to excessive stress.

Ketamine is not like other antidepressants, it relieves the symptoms very fast in the brain, which means it works faster in depression treatment.

The dose of Ketamine helps to rejoin the lost connection between the nerves.

Is Ketamine Safe to Use?

Ketamine is safe if you

  • If you use the ketamine treatment as per the prescription of doctors
  • Use appropriate dosage as given at the given time
  • Stop using Ketamine when recommended by doctors.

Ketamine is very beneficial, but it can turn out to be against your health if you take it without any guidance.

Is Ketamine Legal?

It is necessary to have a doctor’s recommendation for Ketamine. Without a proper prescription from a licensed doctor, you cannot start with your Ketamine treatment.

DEA has considered Ketamine as a Schedule III Drug and therefore you will need medical guidance to continue the treatment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to assist you as we understand your difficulties

Can Ketamine get addictive?

Ketamine is a non-narcotic drug and it is advised that one should take the ketamine treatment under guidance. Ketamine cannot be negative as the chances are very less if you take the medication as per the prescription.

How long does it take to get my Ketamine Prescription in New York?

If you take online consultation with Greenpot MD you can get your prescription in 24 hours.

Can I drink or eat anything prior to the Ketamine Infusion?

You can have your food prior to infusion but avoid drinking alcohol before or after because this can cause danger effects when both combined.

How long does the infusion effect lasts?

The effect of one infusion can last Upto 2 weeks but remember to consult an expert for the same.

How does Ketamine work?

Ketamine releases glutamate that helps brain to repair the lost neurons in the brain. This helps the person to stay active and in good mood for hours. Depression is best treated with Ketamine helps to rebuild the synapses that are destroyed due to mental illness like depression.

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