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How To Get A Ketamine Prescription in Florida?

Greenpot MD is here to help you overcome depression with easy Ketamine therapy. It is as easy as writing numbers. How do you start ketamine therapy?
Step 1

Fill out an Online Ketamine Evaluation Form

You start by filling out a small evaluation form about your medical history and problem. This form is followed by an appointment page, where you can book your appointment with ketamine therapy doctors and talk to them from the comfort of your home.
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Talk To Ketamine Therapy Expert Doctors

You can talk to expert Ketamine doctors and freely discuss your problems. This will help the doctors to know if you can be treated with Ketamine therapy.
Step 3

Get Instant Approval for Your Ketamine Treatment

If the doctor approves you and gives you a Ketamine recommendation, you will get the approval over email within 24 hours. With the help of recommendations, you can purchase Ketamine from the nearest Ketamine clinic in Florida.
Ketamine therapy has the power to cure your condition, and know more about it

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is widely known as a dissociative anesthetic used for animals and humans. Ketamine is used for depression but is an off-label drug. FDA approved Ketamine in 1970, but you should only take Ketamine with a suitable recommendation from licensed doctors.

As approved by doctors, another form of Ketamine called esketamine is used as a nasal spray for depression.

There are various forms of Ketamine available:

  • Insufflation – 60 to 250 mg
  • Intramuscular – 75 to 125 mg
  • Intravenous injection – 50 to 100 mg
  • Orally – 200 to 300 mg

Some people can swallow or snort Ketamine, as preferred. Ketamine medication enters your body and helps you find instant detachment from the pain you feel, and that is why it gives a sense of calmness and relief when consumed.

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy



Esketamine is a form of Ketamine that is allowed to treat depression and is approved by the FDA. Ketamine alone is an off-label medication for depression.


Ketamine is an on-label drug used as an anesthetic. Ketamine is safe to use for every age, and that is why doctors use it for surgeries and medical processes.



Individuals who suffer from anxiety can sense a feeling of relief and less thoughts that they normally experience in an anxious state. This is the reason my doctors prefer Ketamine for anxiety.

Status Epilepticus

Status Epilepticus patients, who get’s seizure that lasts longer than 5 minutes or gets more than 1 seizure in 5 minutes, and when standard medicines are not helping, then Ketamine is used to control the condition.


The infusion of Ketamine helps in decreasing stress that, if not controlled, can affect neurons. Glutamate, present in Ketamine, promotes better brain health.
Other Treatments

Ketamine for Other Treatments

Ketamine has a pain-relieving element that has helped people feel better from their years of chronic pain. Also, Ketamine has been highly efficient in controlling the repetitive behavior seen in patients suffering from OCD.

Medication Illustration
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Developing “Synaptic” Connections

Ketamine helps in restoring the electrical and chemical connections, which helps in strengthening the Synapses in the brain. Ketamine is a great way to release glutamate and build more synaptic connections. Glutamate in the brain also helps neurons to communicate effectively. Working of Ketamine in the brain helps to re-wire the person’s brain function and enable their daily activity to function smoothly.

How Safe is Ketamine?

Ketamine is safe to use if you.
  • Take Ketamine on the prescription of a health professional
  • Take dosage only to the amount prescribed
  • Stop the use of Ketamine when the doctor asks to.
If you note these points, then you will be benefiting from Ketamine.

Is Ketamine Legal?

It is safe to have Ketamine but only if you have a prescription from a health professional. People also use it for leisure. Ketamine is known as Special K, K, Kit Kat, Cat Valium, Vitamin K, Super Acid, Jet, Special La Coke, and Purple. Ketamine is considered a Schedule III drug and is only considered if health professionals do it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to assist you as we understand your difficulties

Can I get an addiction to Ketamine?

Ketamine is a non-narcotic drug and, if taken without the guidance of a health professional, can lead to addiction. To avoid addiction to Ketamine, use it as per your doctor’s prescription and stop when the doctor has advised.

How long does it take to get my Ketamine prescription?

If you want to get started with Ketamine therapy and if you start with Greenpot MD, then you will get your prescription in 24 hours.

What is the age requirement for Ketamine Therapy?

There is no minimum age required for Ketamine Therapy. You can consult the doctors at Greenpot MD and start your therapy.

Can I consume alcohol with Ketamine?

No! Doctors strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol as it can be very harmful.

Where can I find the Ketamine clinic in Florida?

You can start your ketamine therapy right from the comfort of your home with the help of Greenpot MD. You can start by scheduling your appointment with Ketamine doctors on the Greenpot MD website.

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