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How To Get A Ketamine Prescription in Connecticut?

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Book an Appointment with a Doctor

You can start your Ketamine treatment by filling out a simple evaluation form on Greenpot MD. This evaluation form will ask you for your details and medical history to know your condition better. Followed by this, you can book an appointment at your preferred time.
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Talk To Doctors

Once you book your appointment, the licensed doctors will contact you for the appointment over audio or video call. You can share your medical history, symptoms, and medical problems to get properly evaluated.

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Get Your Connecticut Ketamine Prescription

Once the doctor evaluates your condition, they will send you the letter by email. You can use that prescription to get your Ketamine medication from the neared Ketamine clinic in Connecticut.

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What is Ketamine?

The food and Drug Administration has approved Ketamine as a Schedule III non-narcotic drug for general anesthetic. Ketamine is not directly used for treatment; instead, “esketamine” which is a form of Ketamine, is used to treat depression.

Ketamine helps to enable the disconnection of your brain from a hostile environment, and this eases the pain.

Ketamine medication can be swallowed or snorted. It is essential to note that Ketamine is suggested by doctors for medical purposes, and one should not use it without medical observance.

How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine is used to treat various mental and physical conditions. It is an off-label drug for Depression. FDA has approved it as an on-label drug from medical anesthesia.

On medical Ketamine therapy, Ketamine shuts the pain receptors. Pain receptors are receptors in the brain that receive the pain and produce more, but Ketamine helps to relieve the main by blocking the pain receptors.

Ketamine also releases glutamate in the nervous system that indirectly controls pain, reducing stress and controlling mood.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ketamine Therapy?



Esketamine, a form of Ketamine, is widely suggested to treat depression. Ketamine is an off-label drug for depression, and therefore eskatamine is prescribed. Ketamine helps cure depression, but this therapy is only done under a doctor’s supervision.
Anesthesia<br />


Doctors use Ketamine for medical anesthesia purposes. It is an on-label drug for anesthetic purposes during surgeries. It is considered safe to use for anesthesia purposes.


When Ketamine is used for anxiety, it eases out the thoughts and controls the heavy emotions in the patients. It controls mood, and anxiety gets under control.

Status Epilepticus

Status Epilepticus is a type of seizure that lasts long for 5 minutes or more or a seizure that comes once every 5 minutes. This can cause permanent damage to the brain or even cause death in worst-case scenarios. Ketamine can be highly effective when other drugs fail to treat status epilepticus.


Stress can affect the mind and have an impact on neurons. Ketamine helps to build new synapse connections, which help the brain to perform better.
Other Treatments

Ketamine for Other Treatments

Ketamine can be a highly pain-relieving medication for chronic or surgical pain. It blocks the pain and releases calmness and relief. Ketamine helps in controlling the repetitive behavior seen in OCD patients and helps them to lead an everyday and calm life. Patients can see reduced symptoms in their OCD patterns.
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Developing “Synaptic” Connections

The reason why patients feel stress and sadness, like depression, is that the connections in the brain are lost. This can make the neural connection of the brain weak.

Ketamine here can make huge improvements by developing synapses connections. Ketamine releases glutamate that helps in forming new connections in the neurons and blocking pain receptors.

These activities together help the brain to perform its function typically.

Is Ketamine Safe To Use?

Ketamine is safe in the following conditions.

  1. When you use Ketamine on the prescription of licensed Ketamine therapy doctors
  2. When you only take ketamine medication of the required amount as prescribed by the doctors
  3. When you stop the medication as per the doctor’s instructions.

If you follow these conditions, then it is safe to use Ketamine.

Is It Legal To Use Ketamine?

Ketamine is known by its street name Vitamin K, Cat Valium, Special K, Cat Tranquilizer, Super K, Super Acid, Jet K, Kit Kat, Special La Coke, Purple, etc. It is legal to use Ketamine when you have a proper doctor’s prescription.

People use Ketamine for leisure purposes, too, as it is a “club drug.” It is a Schedule III compound, so it is safe to say people can use it under a doctor’s supervision.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Ketamine work?

Ketamine is widely used for anesthesia purposes by doctors, but due to its large benefits, it is used for pain, depression, anxiety, and much more. It helps to form the synapses lost in the brain for proper brain functioning and helps to treat all the mentioned mental illnesses.

How long does it take to get my Ketamine Prescription in CT?

If you start your process with Greenpot MD, the doctors here will provide you with the prescription within 24 hours of the appointment.

Where can I get my Ketamine medications in Connecticut?

You can take the prescription to the nearest Ketamine clinic in Connecticut to get your Ketamine medication.

Can I eat or drink anything with Ketamine?

You can have homemade food for 2 hours of your medication, but you cannot consume alcohol as it is hazardous to mix both these together.

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