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How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

Publish on May 31, 2023 by allenharper
Weed stays in your body as per the amount of weed you have consumed, or sometimes it also depends on how frequently you consume it. If you use it in a higher quantity, it will stay longer. There is more to detecting weed in the body, and this blog will unveil some interesting ways on how long the weed stays in your system and at which parts.
How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

Which Factors influence the weed time in your body?

The weed content in the body is detectable and depends upon these factors.
  • Frequency of consumption If you frequently use weed, then it’s natural that weed will stay longer in your system, especially the THC. For the non-frequent users, it stays lesser in their system.
  • Dosage If you want the weed to stay for a shorter duration, then it’s logical to have little quantity of the weed. The larger the dosage, the longer the time it stays in your system.
  • The method of consumption If you smoke the weed, the effects stay for 3-4 hours, depending upon the quantity, and smaller doses only stay for an hour or more. However, if you use the dab rig even in smaller quantities, the effects are stronger and longer. Also, the tinctures can last longer than smoking or vaping.
  • Your body’s metabolic rate It also depends on how well your metabolism is to break down the content and flush it out from your body. Genetics, too, plays a huge role here.
  • Type of Strain The strain with more THC content than CBD will definitely stay longer in the system. You can also choose a balanced amount of CBD and THC to make the weed stay in your system for a lesser time.
Hair holds evidence of weed for at least 90 days from the time you consumed it. Your urine contains weed evidence, too which is detectable for 30 days from the day of consumption. Your saliva can show weed for up to the first 24 hours, and the weed evidence stays in your blood for 12 hours.
Which Factors influence the weed time in your body

For How Long do the Different Parts in the System Hold Weed?

1. Blood – 24 to 48 hours 2. Hair follicle – Upto 90 days 3. Saliva – 24 to 72 hours 4. Urine – 3 to 30 days Let’s see more on this in detail.

Urine Test for Drug Detection

The most common and easiest way to detect weed in your body is by doing a urine test. This chemical examination will be done in just 10 minutes, and you will see the weed metabolites in the urine. Generally, the urine has 20% of weed content, which is detectable from this urine test.

Does THC stay in the Urine?

THC in the body can be detected from the urine test. This detection can be done in 3-7 days. It is different for the patients who are chronic users. The THC content is broken down in such patients are a different rate than in the other patients. For a frequent weed user, the THC content in the body stays longer than the person who has consumed weed for the first time. THC is easy to be detected in the urine than in the blood. sion.

Can Edibles be detected through a Urine test?

The edibles are detectable in the urine test for 3-30 days. The THC content reaches the bloodstream and the organs. Compared to marijuana, edibles are difficult to break down by the liver and pass through the liver, but they are definitely broken down.

Which are the other forms of tests to check the Weed?

Apart from the urine test, there are these two common tests through which the weed in your system is detected: 1. Hair test The weed in your system can be detected from hair for up to 90 days, which is done by a hair follicle test. Once you consume the weed, the cannabinoids reach your hair follicle through sebum or the bloodstream. 2. Saliva test The saliva test is very useful and preferred when same-day weed detection has to be done. If a person consumes weed, the oral fluids can give the correct results if done on the same day.

How long does it take our body to break down the weed content?

When weed is consumed, its THC content remains in the organs and bloodstream. The THC content is broken down in the liver and passed through urine. The test you do often looks out for content in the system more than the THC. The amount of time it takes to break down and leave the system completely depends on how frequent weed users you are. If you frequently use it, more THC content is there in the system, and it will take longer to leave the system.

How to Make the Process of Breakdown the Weed in the System Faster?

You cannot possibly increase the system of how the body breakdown the THC content. The body will take its time to break down the content, but apart from that, you can try having a healthy lifestyle and exercise. This would not make a huge difference, but it can work for you at the slightest level. Some weed detox kits are available online, which will also ask you to drink plenty of water to dilute the urine, but it cannot be safe in any way.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is CBD detectable in the drug test?
Most drug tests do not detect the CBD content; instead, only a THC test is done. Unless you have a higher amount of CBD in your weed, it is not really detectable.

2. How long does the weed stay in the urine?
Weed stays in your system for at least 30 days, and it can last longer for normal users.

3. How long does getting weed out of the system take?
It depends upon the quantity of weed you have used and the frequency of the use.

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