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Hemp vs. Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

Publish on June 10, 2023 by allenharper
While the terms hemp and marijuana are sometimes confused, it’s essential to understand their distinctions. Marijuana and hemp are the same things, and these are just two different names for the sativa plant of cannabis. Let us dig into more details and find out more about the difference between hemp and marijuana and how useful it is.

What is hemp, and what are its uses?

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that is a part of Cannabaceae. It is mainly grown for its industrial and medicinal purposes. Apart from it, it is also primarily cultivated for the edible seeds and fiber that is extracted from it.

Uses of Hemp

Hemp is used to make edibles, and hemp fiber is used to make textiles, paper material, and clothes. Due to these many uses, it is often called industrial hemp. The cultivators will harvest the hemp and the inner stalk to make bedding material and ceiling panels. The outer material of the hemp stalk is further used depending on its thickness. Though hemp is federally illegal, hemp is also used to extract CBD oil. Also, hemp oil is extracted and used in cooking due to its protein and healthy fat nutrients.

What is Marijuana, and what are its Uses?

Marijuana contains many cannabinoids inside and is another variety of the cannabis plant. It is used for medical and recreational purposes.


Research shows that marijuana is used in treating many health conditions. Following are the health condition for which marijuana is used:

Benefits of Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp Benefits
Hemp can generate CBD oil which can benefit health exponentially, especially individuals’ anti-inflammatory elements. It is not limited to one oil as hemp can derive several CBD-infused oils like full-spectrum oil and much more. It easily gives you the chance to choose as per your needs.

Other important elements like protein, fats, and fiber are found in hemp, promoting healthy brain activity.

Marijuana Benefits

Marijuana helps to relieve chronic pain and anxiety. Apart from this, marijuana is widely legalized for medical use, as it has been proven helpful for many health diseases. Moreover, It is proven to improve mood, blood pressure, and heart rate. The research to find more marijuana benefits apart from the known ones is still in the search, and hopefully, we get more from it.

What is the Major Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Hemp is allowed to have only 0.3% or less than that THC in it, while marijuana contains more than 5% of THC in it. The growing farmers are also needed to acquire a license to grow hemp. So you can say that the amount of THC is the only major difference between marijuana and hemp. More or less, hemp has the same elements to that of marijuana. For example, hemp and marijuana have cannabinoids and terpenes, but in hemp, the quantity is very little compared to that of marijuana.
hemp vs marijuana

Which One is Better? Hemp or Marijuana?

Hemp usage is easy as it supports the health supplement, and its CBD is federally legal. People often use this when starting to use cannabis for the first time. Hemp seed and oil also provide additional benefits. In case you are specifically looking to treat any health conditions, then CBD is used. If you are in a state where it is legal to use hemp or marijuana, then it is advised to seek medical advice from the doctor and see which option is right.


The THC content in both sets the identity of hemp and marijuana apart. In more serious health conditions, it is better to use marijuana. Hemp is a better choice to improve overall health with no major health complications.
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    Hi Allen,

    Thank you Allen, for this illuminating blog post on the differences between hemp and marijuana. Your clear and concise breakdown of their distinctions, from composition to their various uses and legal classifications, is incredibly informative. Understanding this differentiation is so important, especially in today’s changing landscape of cannabis laws. Your post truly helps in clarifying a complex topic. Great work!

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