First Medical Cannabis Drive-Thru Pickup Location Opens up in Waco

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Allen Harper

Written By Allen Harper

July 2, 2022

First drive-thru medical cannabis pickup location opens in Waco

Bravo! Greenpot MD has finally brought a fantastic piece of information for Texas people.

WACO, Texas, has opened its first drive-thru prescription pickup location in Southwest WACO. After realizing the health benefits of medical cannabis consumption, WACO has finally opened its doors for easy access to medical cannabis. Let us have a walkthrough of how it all happened!

Walkthrough of how it all happened!

Texas Original CEO Morris Denton shared a statement, “We have ample patients that suffer from anxiety, pains, insomnia as an outcome of cancer, PTSD and many other wide ranges of neurological conditions.” And this patient list includes Waco’s Barry Freeman. Freeman has actually experienced many challenges. Undergoing several hips, shoulder, knee, and neck surgeries and suffered from severe pains. Apart from this, he experienced many medical hurdles and these hurdles didn’t stop here! He was later diagnosed with stage 4 colon-rectal cancer in 2015. Freeman said he was ready to retire after this diagnosis and was ready to call it “QUIT” as he was in so much pain. But after so many years of suffering, Baylor Scott, his doctor, offered him a strange solution that he wasn’t familiar with. And when Freeman visited the neurosurgeon, he said “BARRY, YOU QUALIFY FOR THE MEDICAL CANNABIS TREATMENT” After this, Freeman dived to Austin to pick up the prescriptions and shared the statement that “his life had changed entirely”. He was able to go back to work. He finally got rid of his chronic pain. And the astonishing statement he shared was
“Medical Cannabis Helped Me Both Mentally And Physically Since He Also Suffered The Tragic Loss Of His Twenty Years Old Son. It’s Been A Massive Journey Battle For Seven Years, And Dealing With It Daily. However, Medical Cannabis Helped Me With My Nightmares And Sleep.”
And it is Barry Freeman who inspired the Texas Original to begin a pickup location in WACO, so qualified patients do not have to drive so far to find relief from their debilitating conditions.

What does this change bring?

Denton said that the number of medical cannabis patients in WACO and nearby areas are continuously increasing. And with this drive-thru pickup opening, Freeman said he could get enough supply devoid of rushing to Austin. And it’s now available in Waco; he finally has enough supply for a week to another.

Final Takeaway!

With this new drive-thru pickup location in Waco, Freeman said finally he got reliable help to enjoy his life again, and it actually saved his time and money. Get a prescription for medical cannabis and access the drive-thru cannabis pickup in Waco. Greenpot MD will keep you updated about everything you require to access it!
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