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Charlie Barcos

Finest professionals I have ever acquired services from. Everything went so smoothly from the beginning till the end that I didn’t even have to wait any longer in the manual queues. Thank you, Green Pot MD

Reviewed on Google

Dixie Swanson

Excellent services! And surprisingly way easier than I could imagine! A fantastic team to work with. From start to finish, everything was so smooth and easy. Thank you, Green Pot MD

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Frequently Asked by Customers

Is Greenpot MD a legitimate service provider?
Yes. Greenpot MD has 256-bit encryption, versioning, audit tracking, and HIPAA compliant platform that provides you a secure way to apply, pay the package fee, and get evaluated without any security hazard. You do not need to worry about your personal data, including your address, contact information, or card details. We ensure that your information will be safe with us.
Are your doctors registered with the American Medical Association (AMA)?
Yes. We have a team of doctors and physicians who are registered with the American Medical Association (AMA). As well as our team of professionals make sure that you will be connected with a local licensed doctor so that you will not have to face any hassle while registering with the state department of health.
How can I contact your team regarding my MMJ card queries?
At Greenpot MD, we have a team of executives available 24*7 to assist you whenever you need. You can contact them via email, live chat, and call as well. They will help you with detailed information whether you have a query regarding your recommendation, state laws, or MMJ card. Our team is happy to help.
Does Green Pot MD accept health insurance?
No! Neither GreenPot MD nor health insurance covers the medical marijuana programs.
Do you provide a refund if I do not qualify for MMJ recommendation?
Greenpot MD does not deduct any fee if the patient does not have a qualifying health condition according to the state government, unlike other platforms. So you do not worry about any fee deduction while applying for a medical marijuana card recommendation with us. We assure 100% money-back guarantee.


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