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An ESA Letter Sample: Here is What A Legit ESA Letter for Housing Looks Like

Publish on June 29, 2023 by allenharper

Date: Friday, June 16, 2023

RE: Emotional Support Animal Recommendation to [Patient Name]

                                                    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

I am writing this letter to verify that my patient, [Your Full Name], is under my care for [name of the illness]. Based on my evaluation and examination, I have found that the presence of an animal provides them with emotional support, alleviates symptoms, and helps mitigate the effects of their disability.

Patient Information:
Full Name: [Your Full Name]
Date of Birth: [Your Date of Birth]
Name of the illness: [Briefly describe the mental or emotional disability and how it limits one or more major life activities.]

Therefore, I recommend that [Patient Name] be granted a reasonable accommodation to have an ESA or Emotional Support Animal in their residence at [Patient Address].

This accommodation is per the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and is necessary to ensure equal access to housing and the opportunity to enjoy their home entirely.

If you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Animal Name/breed: [Animal Name / Breed]
Issue Date: Friday, June 16, 2023
Expiration Date: Sunday, June 16, 2023
Professional’s Signature
Name of Professional (Doctor/Physician Assistant)
State Medical License: #00000


A Must Included Information in a Legitimate ESA Letter

An ESA letter should contain specific information to establish the need for an emotional support animal as a treatment option for your mental disability. Here are the key details that must be included in a legitimate ESA letter: Details of a healthcare professional: The ESA letter must have all the necessary information about the healthcare professional, such as their name, address, title, contact information, and license number. Medical conditions: The ESA letter must state that you have a mental or emotional disability and are supervised by a healthcare professional who provides a specific diagnosis or description of your disability. Impact of medical condition: The ESA letter must explain how your medical condition substantially limits one or more major life activities. Major life activities include sleeping, concentrating, and maintaining emotional stability. ESA Recommendation: The ESA letter must say that the presence of an animal can alleviate symptoms or provide emotional support related to your disability. Details of the ESA: The ESA letter must contain the information of the ESA, such as their name, breed, and license number. So in case of verification, the legal authority can easily verify you and your ESA. It’s important to note that the ESA letter should be written on the official letterhead of the licensed healthcare professional and must also contain their signature or stamp.

How Can You Avoid Online ESA Scams?

Fake ESA letters are rising, so identifying a fake esa letter service is crucial before giving them your hard-earned money. Here are ways to identify fake esa letter services. Say no to “ESA registration.” When a site claim they can register your ESA in the state directory, say no to them and run away. Registering an ESA is not legally required, and HUD (Housing and Urban Development) warns against it. Say no “instant turnaround.” An ESA letter cannot be issued within minutes. The healthcare professional will assess your medical condition and determine the appropriate ESA. After the evaluation, you will get your ESA letter. Say no “unauthorized professionals.” Your ESA letter will only be recognized if written by a licensed mental healthcare professional (LMHP). The LMHP must sign the letter and include their contact and license information. Say no to “cheap rates.” Cheap rates can be a sign of fraud. You get what you pay for. The evaluation by a licensed mental health professional is never too cheap. Say no to “no client support.” Before providing you with accommodation, the landlord may confirm the legitimacy of your ESA letter. A legitimate ESA letter company provides client support throughout the validation period of their esa letter. Say no to “vest or ID card.” A vest or ID card will not help you to make your pet an ESA. If any site claims they can provide a vest or ID card to your esa for the certification, don’t reach them. They may want to loot your hard-earning money.

What To Look For In A Legitimate ESA Letter Services

Licensed mental health professional: A legitimate ESA letter service must have licensed mental healthcare professionals authorized to provide ESA letters. These professionals may include therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. Legitimate evaluation process: Ensure the service follows an evaluation process that follows a legitimate assessment of your mental health condition. Compliance with legal requirements: ESA letter service providers must follow the legal requirements for obtaining an ESA letter in your country or region. Ensure that the service understands and adheres to legal ESA requirements. Privacy and Security: Look for an ESA letter service that respects your privacy and guarantees the security of your personal information. Check their privacy policy to understand how they handle your data. Customer Reviews and Reputation: Review previous customer testimonials to gauge the service’s reliability and legitimacy. Look for ESA letter services with positive feedback and a good reputation within the ESA community. Reasonable Pricing: Legitimate ESA letter services typically charge a reasonable fee for the evaluation and issuance of the letter.

What Are The Consequences Of Fake Esa Letter

The consequences of using a fake ESA letter can have several potential negative impacts, and some of these are: Legal Issues: A fake ESA letter is considered fraud or deception, which can have legal consequences. As a result, you have to pay penalties or even jail time. Loss of trust and credibility: Using a fake ESA diminishes the trust that housing providers and other entities show in you. Denial of accommodations: If a housing provider discovers an ESA letter is fake, they may deny the requested accommodations. As a result, you can not keep your ESA in your housing. Damage to your Reputation: A fake ESA letter can damage your reputation and credibility, particularly if it becomes known within your community or social circles.

Are Online ESA Letters Legit?

Absolutely YES! Online ESA letters are valid as one obtained in person. Healthcare professionals can provide ESA letters or related services online, but ensure they are licensed and experienced in writing an ESA letter. Online ESA letter services are becoming an increasingly popular and convenient way to find mental help. If you’re interested in an ESA letter online, don’t hesitate GreenPot MD can help. Reach out today and get the service you deserve from the comfort of your home.

Is Your Doctor Hesitate To Write An ESA Letter For Me?

If your physician can’t give you an ESA letter, don’t panic. Not every doctor can write you an ESA letter because not every are familiar with the ESA process.
  • Even if your doctor agrees that an ESA can help you, they cannot write you an ESA letter. There could be reasons like
  • Some medical practices even have policies preventing doctors from helping with ESA cases.
  • Doctors don’t know how to handle an ESA request and do not have the staff to help deal with the landlord calls.
You have options and can apply for an ESA letter online through GreenPot MD. We will help you to connect with a licensed mental healthcare professional who specializes in emotional support animals and will understand your needs.


1. Do you need documentation of my disability before processing my registration? No, we don’t need your disability documentation. We will provide your ESA letter after doing an evaluation. We will decide whether you need an ESA letter based on the assessment. 2. What are the eligibility criteria for an emotional support animal? The eligibility criteria for an emotional support animal include the following:
  • You must have a diagnosed mental or emotional medical condition.
  • You must demonstrate that your condition substantially limits major life activities.
  • A licensed mental health professional must provide a written recommendation stating that you would benefit from an ESA to alleviate symptoms.
3. What documentation do I need for the ESA letter? Obtaining an ESA letter is easy and doesn’t require too much documentation. Only a valid state ID is enough to receive an ESA letter. 4. Where can I obtain an ESA letter online? For an online ESA letter, contact GreenPot MD. We offer a secure online platform where you can get your ESA letter from the comfort of your home. 5. Can a primary care physician issue an ESA letter? ESA letters are issued by licensed mental health professionals specializing in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions. 6. Can my landlord request additional documentation? No, the landlord can not ask you for additional documentation. Only a valid ESA letter is enough to show that you are experiencing medical illness and that your ESA will help you to alleviate your symptoms. 7. Can an ESA letter be used for multiple animals? An ESA letter generally specifies one emotional support animal. If you require multiple animals, you may need separate letters for each. 8. Should I adopt my emotional support animal before or after I get an ESA letter? We recommended adopting an animal before applying for an ESA letter. For the ESA letter, a healthcare professional will need to verify your animal whether the animal can alleviate your symptoms. Moreover, in the ESA letter, there is a section where they need to mention the details of the ESA. 9. My emotional support animal caused some damage to the rental property. Can the landlord ask me for repairs? You are the sole responsible for any damages done by your ESA, such as property damage or biting some other person. Moreover, you have to face the consequences related to the damages. 10. If I already paid a pet deposit which later qualified as an ESA, am I entitled to a refund? It’s up to your landlord, and you may get it. However, if you were paying a monthly fee for your pet, you would no longer bear that fee but would not be entitled to a refund for the past months when the animal was considered a normal pet.


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