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Delaware Medical marijuana card from GreenPot MD
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A medical cannabis card can get you marijuana treatment to treat your painful medical conditions. It is the best way to get painless treatment and lead a peaceful life. Getting a medical cannabis card can be hectic, but we made it easy for you. Our expert doctors give you a complete guide on getting your medical card in a few days.

Health Qualifying Conditions

Delaware has certain medical conditions to get your medical card. You need to see if your health conditions qualify for medical cannabis.

How To Get Your Delaware Medical Marijuana Card?

1. Schedule Your Appointment

Book your online appointment with licensed doctors by filling out an online evaluation form. This form will ask for your basic details, which you can fill out and book an appointment. You can choose your preferred time and even reschedule it in case of emergencies.

Schedule Online appointment
Contact The Physician For Evaluation

2. Talk To Doctors

On the appointment with doctors, you need to share your medical history and your symptoms, so doctors can understand your condition better and help you get the best treatment. The appointment lasts long as long as your queries are solved.

Contact The Physician For Evaluation

3. Get Your Delaware Medical Marijuana Card

Once the doctors approve you for medical marijuana, they will provide you with a medical recommendation. After receiving a medical recommendation, you need to register with the state filling the patient application form online. If you want a caregiver to assist, then make sure your caregiver is also registered. On that approval, you can get your medicinal marijuana from the nearest dispensary.

Get Your Recommendation For an MMJ card

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card in Delaware

High Possession

Medicinal marijuana cards allow patients to smoke 3 ounces, while for recreational purposes, only an ounce is allowed.


Legal Protection

You will be legally protected when you have your medicinal marijuana card. You will not be liable to pay any charges or will not be arrested in case you’re caught in possession.

Save on Taxes

You get huge benefits for having a medical card, as you get discounts and tax benefits for marijuana purchases on your medical card.

Age Requirement

In Delaware, you can get your medicinal marijuana if you are above 28 years old. The same is not available for recreational users, as the age requirement for recreational purposes is 21.

Wide Access

MMJ cardholders are able to access a wide variety of cannabis products which recreational users are not allowed to.

Why GreenPot MD Practitioner?


Quick and Simple

Greenpot MD has a simple process to get you medicinal marijuana. You simply start by filling out a straightforward form and making an appointment. This simple process is all done from the comfort of your home. You quickly get all the information about it through doctors.

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Provides You with Complete Details

Greenpot MD Practitioners are dedicated to providing a complete guide about the process to all patients. All your queries regarding the process will be solved in your appointment and will be further guided till you get your medical marijuana card.


Affordable Healthcare

Greenpot MD provides the best affordable healthcare facilities to patients with the most affordable charges. We want everyone to receive the best healthcare, so our charges are affordable.
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Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Delaware

Documents Required

To get a medical cannabis card in Delaware, you need to provide

  1. Proof of Delaware residency (driver’s license or state ID card)
  2. Doctor’s approval for condition
  3. Medical recommendation

Possession and Cultivation Laws

The possession laws in Delaware are very simple and accurate for medical patients and others. The state has allowed medical cannabis use to treat certain medical conditions. The state also approved the delivery of marijuana to patients during Covid-19. In Delaware, patients are allowed to possess 3 ounces of marijuana every 14 days, which equals 6 ounces of marijuana per month.

The cultivation of marijuana is strictly prohibited in Delaware. It is applicable for both medical and recreational users not to cultivate any cannabis plant and directly purchase from the dispensary. Doing so can cause heavy penalties and even arrest.


Caregivers in Delaware can possess and purchase marijuana from the dispensary on the patient’s behalf. A caregiver can have up to 5 patients at a time. A caregiver needs to register with the state for caregiving a patient. A background verification of the last three years is needed when registering as a caregiver.


Delaware has no reciprocity agreements with other states, which means out-of-state medical cannabis cards are not allowed.

Data Last Updated 02/08/2023

Recent Reviews

Ronnie Donald<br />
Ronnie Donald


“I started with my appointment with Greenpot MD, and then there was no looking elsewhere. They helped me get my marijuana card in only 2 days, and I started my medical treatment immediately. “

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Trevon Backer<br />
Trevon Backer


“It was a fantastic experience to get my medical treatment through Greenpot MD. I am glad I started with Greenpot MD, as I finished everything so quickly.”
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Neil Joshuwah


“I was happy to get my marijuana card with Greenpot MD. They helped me to get my medical card in 24 hours. The process was very smooth, and they helped me with all the information.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow my cannabis plant once I am approved for medical cannabis card?

No! In Delaware, it is completely prohibited to grow your marijuana plant. You need to buy it from a registered dispensary only.

How long does it take to get my medical cannabis card in Delaware?

You can start the process for your mmj card with Greenpot MD, which will just take 2-3 days.

How long is my medical cannabis card valid?

Your MMID card is valid for 1 year. You can renew it before its expiry.

Can I use my medicinal marijuana anywhere in Delaware?

No! In Delaware, you can use medicinal marijuana only on your private property and not anywhere in public.

Do I need to be a resident of Delaware to get my MMJ card?

Yes! To get your medical marijuana card, you need to be a resident of Delaware.

What Does Greenpot MD Offer?

Greenpot MD is always here to provide the best service to all the patients that come to get cured from the treatment.

▷ 24*7 Availability

We are available here for your 24*7 so you can solve all your queries about medicinal marijuana. You can call us at (888) 805-0105 or email id info{at}greenpotmd.com.

▷ Complete Privacy
We maintain complete privacy with our patient’s data. We follow HIPAA law and never share your data with anyone else.
▷ Affordable Service

We provide high-quality healthcare facilities to all our patients, and that too many affordable prices. We want everyone to get affordable healthcare services, so think no more before starting your marijuana card process.

▷ Authentic Medical Cannabis Card
Greenpot MD provides authentic medical embossed medical care to all patients, which you can get signed by the registered dispensary.
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Only GreenPot MD Provides 100% Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

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