D.C. Council Approves Bill to Allow All Residents 21+ to Self-Certify as Medical Cannabis Patients

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Allen Harper

Written By Allen Harper

July 2, 2022

D.C. Council Approves Bill to Allow All Residents 21+ to Self-Certify as medical Cannabis patients

DC Council approves the bill to allow all residents 21+ to self-certify as medical cannabis patients.

A new notification is buzzing the doors of marijuana patients In Washington DC.

Washington DC council accepts the bill to permit 21+ residents to self-certify medical cannabis.

Washington DC decriminalized medical cannabis access in 2010 when patients had to obtain a doctor’s recommendation and a govt-issued ID card to access the medical cannabis legally.

But with the new approval bill, the council has passed emergency legalization permitting the adults to purchase medical cannabis without seeing a medical doctor first.

On Tuesday, the DC Council approved a measure stating DC residents can “SELF-CERTIFY” themselves for medical marijuana.

What was the catch earlier, and how will this change help?

DC legalized medical marijuana treatment access in 2010 when patients had to obtain state-licensed medical doctor’s recommendations to purchase marijuana products legally.

And obtaining the government-issued medical marijuana card costs $100 every two years of access.

Due to this process and addressing the competition from the stores operating in the law’s gray area, medical marijuana dispensary owners raised the complaints. The complaint was because these types of stores “GIFT MARIJUANA” to the people buying items from them.

Therefore, this emergency legislation approved the DC residents over 21 to sign the form stating they have a medical requirement to access the marijuana.

On this Anacostia Organics, the owner of Linda Green says, “It is going to help us survive, and we are really excited about it.”

Similar legislation in April failed to pass due to the harsh penalties for gifting marijuana by stores.

However, the Washington DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson stated that he would try to get all those penalties approved this year.

Mendelson further added,

“The reality is that there is an illicit business which is growing and thriving, and we really need to put a full stop to it.”

Essentials To Note!

Since Washington DC accepts medical cannabis cards from other states, only the DC residents can self-medicate the medical marijuana. Patients from other states still essentially require a medical marijuana card at Washington licensed dispensaries.

Final Takeaway!

Since this is a huge step the Washington DC government opted for, there are still some essentialities that are necessary to be followed! Greenpot MD will keep you updated with everything! Stay connected.
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