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The Anatomy of Cannabis: A Comprehensive Guide from Seed to Bud

Publish on March 17, 2023 by allenharper
A Comprehensive Guide from Seed to Bud

Many people know the uses and benefits of cannabis, but very few know how the plant is made. We will discuss a complete anatomy of a cannabis plant from seed to bud.

Seeds – The starting point of cannabis

The cannabis seed is perfectly round with one end flat and the other end tapered. Its outer structure is very rough and rigid, which helps prevent crushing. The seam on the seed allows it to be easily separated into two halves, facilitating germination and the emergence of green leaves.


The roots of cannabis plants grow downward into the soil, and the main part of these roots is called the “taproot.” Roots are the main base of the healthy cannabis plant as it gets all the oxygen and water to grow a healthy plant. Roots are also storing starch and sugar for photosynthesis.

Root Crown

The root crown is very close to the root and stem. It is, in fact, the meeting of stem and root. The root crown is the place where the division of cells takes place.


Stem helps the plant to stand upright and handle the weight of the entire plant. The stem will carry the nutrition from the roots to the other parts of the plant.


Nodes are the heart of the plant, as this is where plant growth occurs. The auxins and hormones for the plants are developed there, so the plant can be grown into fully healthy cannabis. The internodal spacing between the nodes will indicate if the particular plant is short or tall.


Stem supports branches, and branches grow out of the stem. Branches further support the leaves and the buds of the plant.

Sugar Leaves

These leaves are usually small in size, start budding around, and have a coating resting on them. They are very useful as, even after the trim, they are used for making different cannabis products, such as pre-rolls and extracts.

Fan Leaves

Unlike Sugar leaves, Fan leaves are large in size. They are the main ones to capture the sunlight for the cannabis, and they are not saved in trim like sugar leaves. Fan leaves are often thrown away after trimming.


Cola is nothing but a cluster of small buds. You can find these buds usually at the bottom of the plant, but the main big bud, apical cola, is present at the top of the cannabis plant.


Flowers are also known as buds of cannabis plants. They are the results of what you did, all the hard work of growing and caring for the plant.

Types of Cannabis plants

  • Sativa – Sativa leaves are light in colour and grow taller up to 12 feet, and thinner than the other plants.
  • Indica – You can identify the Indica plant by looking at its flower buds, which are thick, and have wide fans. People often say that sativa has some sedative effect, but it is very subjective.
  • Hemp – These plants typically have skinnier leaves, mostly concentrated at the top of the plant. It has little branching or leaves below the plant top to facilitate long stalks rich in hemp fibers, and is tall, up to 20 feet.
  • Hybrid – Their leaves can be difficult to identify as they are a combination of two different cannabis plants, and their appearance depends on the plants chosen for cross-breeding to create the hybrid.

Frequently asked questions on Cannabis Plants.

1. How to identify if the plant is male or female? After 2-3 weeks of the plant’s flowering, one can identify if the plant is male or female. That is when they develop sex organs. 2. Which are the first leaves of the cannabis plant? The cotyledon leaves are the first leaves of the cannabis plants that appear right after germination. The flowering plants and cannabis plants have cotyledon. The cotyledon leaves are the first leaves. 3. What is the process of weed to grow buds? Cannabis plants begins the budding usually after summer when the sunlight is reduced.


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