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Can Medical Marijuana help with Depression?

Publish on Feb 24, 2023 by kenmaus
can marijuana help in Depression

Marijuana is often used to treat many health conditions because of its pain-relieving properties. Marijuana releases neurotransmitters in the body and mind that affect our system. Our brain will try to maintain the level of the neurotransmitters that drive our stress, mood, and senses. Individuals tend to feel sadness and loneliness if these levels are not maintained. All these symptoms are of depression patients.

The recent research tells us that the THC and CBD content in marijuana will help you to reduce the anxiety and stress caused by depression.

Does Medical Marijuana Help in Depression Treatment?

The research has been done on the animals at the University of Buffalo that focus on the symptoms of depression that are anxiety and stress. Reducing these symptoms will help in treating depression. The cannabinoids present in the marijuana affect the endocannabinoid system in our body. This is how it affects our emotions like appetite and sleepiness. In some cases, high dosage of marijuana can increase the symptoms of depression and anxiety and for some low dosage of marijuana can help to reduce the symptoms. Patients may consider the best strains of marijuana that help in speedy recovery from depression. However, results have shown that the application method of marijuana is also beneficial. Applying CBD gel or using CBD heated oil has direct application and instant relief. Although in the US there is no state that has depression as a qualified health condition for medical marijuana but depression has a long and lasting effect on the body that often leads to other health conditions. One of the very common health conditions arising from depression is chronic pain. If chronic pain is cured with marijuana, it is more likely to decrease the pain of depression too. Marijuana can provide a soothing relief feeling for patients if they increase the level of dopamine and serotonin after consulting their doctors. Here are the best strains of marijuana to fight back depression.

Best Marijuana Strains to Fight Depression

  • Cannatonic
  • Cinex
  • Northern Lights
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Harlequin
  • Jack Herer
  • Girls Scout Cookies (GSC)
  • Cherry Punch
The dosage is not always the same for everyone, so you can consult your doctor and take the appropriate medication as per the prescription.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Irritability, anger, and outburst about small things
  • Sadness, loneliness, emptiness
  • Reduced appetite or an eating disorder, reduced weight
  • Anxiety
  • Slow body movements or reduced thinking capacity
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Physical health problems like back pain or headaches
  • Trouble in thinking and loss of water

Causes of Depression

  • Early-life abuse can deeply impact the brain and lead to depression
  • Death or loss of a close one can cause a person to go into deep sadness and depression
  • Women are more likely to fall into depression
  • The biological vulnerability that arises from conflicts with family and friends can lead to depression.
  • Genetic depression is a common cause of depression passing from one generation member to another.
  • Major events in life can cause nervousness and lead to extreme anxiety and depression.

Risk Factors Involved

  • Mental illness of one family member is often a problem and risk for the entire family
  • Long-term health conditions like cancer, HIV, and heart attack can often lead to long-term depression
  • Sleep disorder may occur if a person is consistently suffering from depression
  • Money related issues, job stress is another very common risk that triggers depression
  • Age can also be another factor as depression is more likely to be found in older people
Risk factor involved

How to Tackle Depression with Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is combined with two major components that are THC and CBD. Both of these components actively work to reduce the symptoms of depression. Low THC and high CBD content are proven to reduce the symptoms of depression. A study conducted suggests that linalool in marijuana often releases neurotransmitter receptors that impact the serotonin level. It also releases noradrenergic, which is the prescription for antidepressants. Terpenes, a component present in marijuana, also support the effects of antidepressants on the body. A different energy is formed when terpenes are combined with other components of marijuana, and the results lead to decreasing the symptoms of depression. It is important to note that every cannabis-infused product needs to be prescribed by doctors to treat your depression.


It is still difficult to understand the relationship between marijuana and depression as some individuals feel relaxed after marijuana while some patients feel like their condition has worsened. The researchers are still in the progress of understanding if the use of marijuana is causing depression if the patients suffering from depression are bound to possess marijuana.


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